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Let’s fly, let’s fly away! Don’t worry about size requirements for on-board luggage—this bag meets them. It can fit a weekend’s worth of stuff and it’s stylish.

Size requirements will be one less thing to worry about on your next trip. The Swag Cabin Bag is designed to meet domestic and international size limits. Plus, the soft form factor means that the bag won’t be a burden either under your feet or over your head.

But it’s no small bag: the main compartment can fit a weekend’s worth of luggage, and the two pockets on the back are great for anything you want easy access to.

The leather straps on the bag’s front are big enough to fit a blanket or a jacket so you don’t have to waste your internal space.

Finally, the adjustable shoulder strap leaves your hands free to carry other luggage—or clap in excitement and anticipation.


  • Made from weatherproof Australian oilskin so you can tell nature who’s the boss.
  • Adjustable strap leaves your hands free.
  • Large main pocket is lined with water repellent Teflon-coated cotton and closes with and a large, sturdy zip.
  • Two smaller pockets on the back for quick access.
  • Durable leather straps on the outside are to keep a blanket or jacket