2nd Skin Goatskin Gloves - Terracotta

2nd Skin Goatskin Gloves - Terracotta

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Fits like a second skin!

Give your garden the love and care it deserves, and treat yourself or your favourite gardener to the latest range of gardening gloves by Annabel Trends.

Designed specifically for men, or women with a larger hand size, the 2nd Skin ranges of gardening gloves features a more generous fit than other gloves, and are so comfortable that they feel like you’re wearing a second skin!

Made from the softest goatskin and Lycra for ultimate comfort and movement, the 2nd Skin gloves are wonderfully soft on the hands while allowing you to tackle the hardest of gardening jobs with gusto. 2nd Skin range of gloves features an adjustable Velcro wrist strap to keep the glove secure on your hands for longer.

Whether working in the garden, cleaning the garage, or even out fishing, the 2nd Skin range of gloves is the most comfortable protection your hands will ever need!